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Nick Ioannidis, widely known as Nick the Greek, says he is proud to be an immigrant and an American citizen. And he shows it.

Mr. Ioannidis was born in Nikisani, Kavalas of Northern Greece. He attended public schools and learned the trade of tailoring since his childhood.

Ioannidis came to the United States from Greece in 1969 with his wife, Tessie, and their three children, after his sister, who lived here for several years, "told me what a beautiful country this was." Their fourth child was born here in the United States.Arriving in Huntington Park with 25 cents in his pocket and speaking virtually no English, he found a $102-a-week job as a tailor at a May Co. store. Two years later, he had saved enough money to open his own tailor shop on Seville Avenue in Huntington Park. In 1979, he moved his store to Gage Avenue where he intends to remain.

The Greek immigrant has been working seriously on the celebration since his 13th Anniversary as an American citizen. "The U.S. says welcome everyone and anyone." "America has given to me the opportunities and open roads and I give to others, to everyone for them to enjoy my happiness in this country."

"It is a day for all immigrants-old and new- to come together as brothers and sisters, to belong to the country."
*Article taken from Los Angeles Times [October 27, 1988] by Lucille Renwick. Photos by Rick Corrales.


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